Friday, November 21, 2008

He Lost a Tooth!!!

Well Granola has once again started hounding me to post again so here goes.

While attempting to get the kiddos ready for bed tonight, they began the all to familiar hyper active mode. Those with kids know what I am talking about. It all started when Merci was standing on a chair and the chair was apparently on top of my pants leg. As I went to move the chair came with me causing Mermaid to go flying through the air. I was able to catch her by the arm and prevent her from crushing her head in, but it took a pretty good yanking to keep her from crashing. She started screaming bloody murder, so I did what every father without a mother around would do. (Granola is in Dallas having some much needed Carrie time) I snatched Merci up and held her upside down! I then let the dogs lick her face and told her I was gonna let them eat her. She cried harder, and I told her we better run!!! This in turn made Jaden start chasing me, and after five minutes of running in a circle from the kitchen to the living room, I had started the hyper active mode. (What was I thinking?)

So I put Mermaid down and left the room for one minute only to return to a cushion less couch, and two kids jumping off the back of it onto them. First instinct is to tell them its to late for this and to clean it up, but the Dad in me decided it would be a better idea to get some matresses in the living room for extra bounce! Thinking to myself that someone will get hurt I thought OK it's time to stop, but instead I did what any responsible father without a mom around would do. I climbed on the back of the couch and bonsai! Yup I started jumping too! Two hours later and near a heart attack I said it was time to get ready for bed. That's when J-Bob looked at me and said Daddy I lost my tooth! I looked over and sure enough he is smiling a big goofy smile and his bottom front tooth is missing. He is so excited and can't wait to put that bad boy under his pillow now. He of course had to call mommy immediately and has carried the thing around like it was his best friend ever since. Now that it is 9:45 he is finally in bed, but I seriously doubt he will be sleeping anytime soon.

I am so so glad that I was here for my sons first lost tooth, and am so sorry that Granola wasn't here for it. Oh well, I am sure that there are many firsts that she will experience that I will miss out on. Well, this may not have been much for my first post in a while but it's all your getting out of me tonight so until next time...