Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ignorance vs Stupidity take 2

First off I can't believe it has been two months since I last posted. Now to get to why I felt the need to post for the first time in two months.

I come home tonight sometime around midnight and walk into the house only to find my wife wide awake on the couch obviously frustrated. I find this particularly weird seeing as I received a text somewhere around ten o clock saying she was exhausted and going to bed. So we go through or normal how was your day, how was work stint and finally I ask what it bothering her. She then turns to me and says not one but two people have questioned our motives behind having our kids and her on a GFCFSF diet. One went as far as to say that all of the recovery that we have seen may just be in her head. First off unless you have any idea what we have been through in the past five years with our kids you should never ever open your mouth and question what we (mostly her) have been through. Secondly if you ever want to see what a pissed off 6'1" 250 pound prior state champion wrestling American Asian looks like up close and personal, do something that will upset my wife. I can't explain the rage that shoots through my body when someone upsets my wife. I have come a long way with my anger issues, but when I see my wife visibly upset, it makes me want to put someones head through a brick wall.

Then I read Granolas blog and realized that there really is just a difference between ignorance and stupidity. These two people who questioned our motives are just ignorant. Not in the mean spirited, "Hey your and idiot" way, but in the uninformed uneducated way. They choose to question a field in which they have no experience or education in. They choose to draw judgement based on what they may have heard from other uneducated ignorant people, or read a quick article about that was written by someone who has never had to experience what we have first hand. Kind of like the whole 101 ways to please your man... written by "some woman". My wife has poured her life into making sure our kids have the absolute best nutritious food entering their body. She has spent night after night month after month year after year researching various websites and reading various books to make sure that everything she is doing is not only safe, but beneficial in every way in helping cure our children. So excuse us for not running down to the local McDonald's and ordering the cheeseburger and fries with chocolate milk to drink, but instead run to the local Nutrition World to get the all natural chemical free fish sticks to feed our kids. Someone better call Children and Family Services because those crazy Bush's are feeding there kids home grown vegetables that Granola planted herself and grew without the use of any chemicals. I mean isn't it abuse if we don't let them eat fried chicken, and drink red kool aid. My gosh the Bush kids actually want to drink WATER! Take them away save them from these abusive parents! I mean she is being one of "Those Moms." On a side note stupidity is being informed and still questioning our motives. Stupidity is also upsetting my wife which in turn upsets me.

I will spare you a long drawn out reason as to why we have and will continue to use this diet. I have seen the miraculous changes first hand in my son who at one time I thought would never be able to look me in the eyes and tell me he loves me, to the son who grabs both my cheeks and says "Daddy I Lub you!" I have seen a kid go from having to wear sound muffling head phones to go to the grocery store because the noise was to much, to the kid who can now walk around freely finally able to hear everything around him without breaking down screaming covering his ears because the noise is just to much. I have seen the kid who once was covered in rashes to the kid with rash free skin. The diet works people. Even if it didn't who the hell are you to question us and why we are doing it. Even if our kids didn't have problems that require the diet why should it be any of your concern as to what we are feeding them. Nothing makes me happier than to to hear my children tell an adult no to a cookie or candy because it has chemicals in it. We are not trying to convert you to the diet so please do us a favor and stop trying to convert us away from it. Before you speak make sure you are informed on the topic you are about to discuss. I find it really unbelievable that someone would really try and argue that shoving a chemical laced, preserved food item into your body is somehow better for you and your kids than the all natural home grown stuff. Become educated, research before you speak, and you better research it a long time, because I guarantee you granola has. And again before you think about opening your mouth and upsetting Granola again, remember you are now informed as to how this makes me feel. This means you have been educated. This means you no longer qualify as ignorant but have crossed over into the realm of stupid should you choose to upset her. Should you choose to upset her I would be more than happy to introduce you to a brick wall. :)

Anyways I am tired and am not sure all of this will even make any sense but I am posting it as is since I do not feel like going back and proof reading it. See you all in a couple of months.