Sunday, July 13, 2008

It's been a while

Ok so I know it's been a while since my last entry, but I have been pretty busy as of late. Due to managers taking vacations in my store, as well as the shortage of managers in our area, I have been working a lot of mid shifts. Mids consist of leaving at 10 am and coming home at 9 pm if I'm lucky. Last week I had six mid shifts scheduled in a row, and we happened to be busier than normal so I was working later than normal as well. So in a nutshell I wake up just early enough to see my kids for an hour or so most of which is spent getting ready for work, and coming home just in time to see them go to sleep. Not seeing my family is definitely the hardest part, and probably the most stressful part of all of this. It won't be like this much longer though so there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I officially start in my new store next Thursday. This is going to prove to be a big challenge because I have been in a very well put together store for the past three months, and am walking into a well... let's just say there is work to be done. I am very used to having everything run smoothly, and honestly my biggest flaw would have to be my tendency to become very stressed out when they are not. I become a different person when things aren't going smoothly, and sadly it is not the good side of OA that comes out at this time. I tend to become snappy very quickly, and unfortunately sometimes bring it home with me. Luckily I have an amazing wife that understands me and deals with me and quickly brings me back to reality. She reminds me that work is work, and family time is family time. She helps me understand that I am not going to be able to walk into a store and fix it in the first week, and that I need to step back and wait for the right time to come. Tonight I was tested by a cook that thought he was going to see just how far he could push the new manager. I was in the transition phase of my training and in my new store for a few days. The cook decided to say some things that would have caused the old me to throw him through a wall. HE wanted to see just how far he could go before I had enough. Unfortunately for him my leash is much shorter than some of the previous managers he was used to dealing with. I first tried to calmly talk to him, but when he raised his voice at me we had a little come to Jesus meeting in the office. He left not really understanding why I was "picking on him", because apparently cursing at your manager and disrespecting him in front of the rest of the staff is not grounds for being pulled into the office. I let him blow off steam for the rest of the night, and my plan is to pull him aside the next time we work together, and explain to him that I am there to help him, just like I need him to help me. Hopefully he understands this because I would really hate to have to throw him through a wall. (just kidding)

Oh well this is probably not real interesting for most of you, but it helps me to let it go so I can concentrate on what's important to me. My wife Granola, the J-man, and my little angel mermaid. Oh and please pray for me to have the patience to deal with all of the people that feel the need to test me in the new store, and be praying for the people who want to see just how short my leash really is. (Anyone know a good repair man because there may be a few walls that need replacing after next week) I am a firm believer in the whole I will respect you just as much as you respect me policy and hopefully my employees are too. Once again thank you for reading and God bless you all.

"Nothing uncommon ever came from a common person."
Not really sure of the author of this but I heard it said this week and really liked it. It probably is not worded correctly but you get the point. Be uncommon, strive to be different, and make something happen.



FOTOA said...

Congrats to you. I have no doubt you will succeed. You always have. Once you put your mind to it, well it is pretty much a done deal. Jay Bob should be getting a package soon. Just a little something I saw that I think he will like. Merci is next, but most of the mermaid stuff I saw was kind of X rated. We love you guys and miss you terribly. Pictures (hint hint)

FOTOA said...

Oh I forgot. The sweet potatoes in our ORGANIC garden look like they are doing well. Hard to tell since they are underground, but they are flowering and growing all over the place. We hope to send a few boxes for ya'll. Also some ORGANIC pickles. We have canned a lot of the sweet, bread & butter pickles and are awaiting the vat of dill pickles to cure.

granolachic said...

oh...i am awful...i just read this...i am proud of you! you are going to be the best manager the brinker corporation has ever seen!! (except rob...JK!!)

love you so much...