Saturday, June 14, 2008

He's eating what?

For the past couple of weeks I have been working a lot of mid shifts and night shifts. Mids consist of 10am to 9 pm and nights consist of 3 pm to 1 am. Due to this schedule I either wake up just in time to spend a little time with the family and get ready for work, or am so tired in the mornings that I feel like a barely contribute around the house. It won't be like this much longer since I am almost done with training, but for now I am doing what I have to do.

Well, that all being said granola has been making incredible strides in Jay Bob's eating department. Those of you that read her blog already know this but I am so excited about it I had to write something. J man is now five years old. In these five years I have known him to eat GFCFSFNF pancakes, stripey chips(AKA Ruffles) sweet potato french fries, and that's about it. It's not because he is a picky eater, but because of his strict diet and sensory issues. We take for granted the fact that when we eat something as simple as a banana that it doesn't bother us and we just chew it up and swallow. Now imagine someone especially a five year old putting the same thing in their mouth and having his body screaming at him get this thing out of me. I truly believe he wants to like these foods, and believe he would, but his mind and body refuse to let him enjoy them. Imagine the food you absolutely despise. Something that in your mind makes you gag when you even think about it. Now imagine that no matter what food it is your putting in your mouth makes your body think it is the despised food. Just mentioning trying new food of any kind sends J Bob into a panic attack. His body freaks out because it knows what is coming. The texture of the food and the way it feels in his mouth literally sends him over the edge.

Sorry sort of got off track. The point of this is granola has made amazing strides in the last two weeks. J Bob is now not only licking new foods, he is putting it on his tongue, closing his mouth around it, and even biting down on it. He's even eating carrot sticks, which I still don't do. (Back off granola, I won't do it. Step away from the OA with the carrot stick) Yes his body still reacts in the same way, but he is such a pleaser, that he is willing to do it because he knows how much it makes his mommy and daddy happy. So even if his body wants to shut down he does it just to see us do the happy dance. Who knows maybe he just wants to see us make a fool of ourselves, but whatever the reason, he's trying new things and this is huge. All I know is granola deserves hugeeeee props(for lack of a better word) and I am glad that I chose her to be the mother of my children. I can't imagine a better mother for my children.

One more quick bragging moment on granola is that she has also recently taken over the B-12 injections that must be administered every three days. Due to my being gone a lot of nights now she has stepped up to the plate and started injecting J man with his much needed shots. I'm more than proud of her. When I give him the injections, my heart stops. I hate it. I hate having to put him through this and it makes my heart stop. Knowing that she loves him so much to do this for him makes me even prouder to call her my wife. As she once said in one of my posting's, back of dude's this ones all mine. Love you g-chic, and see you in the morning.

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