Saturday, June 7, 2008

O.K. you Win

For the past couple of weeks my wife Granola Chic has been asking me (asking is really code for telling me) that I need to start a blog. Originally my first response was, yeah right that's not really my thing. After much consideration, (once again code for repeated asking from Granola) I have decided it may not be such a bad idea. It may take a while for me to really understand the world of blogging, but I'm sure I will soon be hooked. Everything in the past that Granola has suggested I do and I blew off usually ends up being something I really enjoy. (Shh... don't tell her I said that)

Seriously though, my wife is my rock, my guiding light, and my hero. I have never met someone who is so concerned about the well being of others no matter what harm they may be doing to themselves. She will literally drive herself to her mental and physical capacity to make sure our kids are receiving the best care that they can, and that I am receiving the best wife a man could ask for. She researches every single day to ensure that our son is receiving everything possible in hopes of curing him. When she plans meals for our family it isn't the typical what can I throw together for the family, she ensures that it is only what is best for us and especially what is best for our son. There is no favoritism for our son, it's just that he has special needs and she will do whatever it takes to heal him even if it kills her. I will go into further detail about his special needs in future blogs, but for now just know he and his little sis are what life is all about. For those of you who think you don't know if you want kids, just know that you haven't really lived unless you embrace the joys children can bring into your lives. There are so many wonderful things I could say about my wife, but there is no way I could put into a blog the feelings I have for her.

Once I figure out how to link blogs and do all of the other cool things I know can be done I will link her blog up with this one. Trust me, it will be much more researched, entertaining, and fulfilling than mine will ever be. That's it for now, and from all of us from the Bush household, you stay classy Blogger World. (Anchorman reference for those of you who are wondering what that was about)


granolachic said...

ummm...i am the most honored...most blessed wife...that's ever lived...thank you so much for your willingness to share what i know you have to offer!!

back off ladies...this OA is mine all mine!!!!

Solar Powered said...

welcome...i share your love for that granola chic...true love

FOTOA said...

OA, you seem very content in your life and quite fortunate to have discovered a mate that you admire. Your children are at the center of your life and contribute to the man you are. One day though you will look back and wonder…what could I have done to make their lives better? Then something will come along that will make you realize that perhaps your love for them contributed to their happiness today. I have known people that basically are too selfish to share their lives with a child. I look at their lives and they just never seem to have the pride, pleasure, and appreciation of having their children grow into model adults. They never have the security of knowing that as you age, you have a safety net around you. They miss out on the emotions of seeing a child grow into a man or daughter that you boastfully show before the world as “my son or my daughter.” Despite whatever accomplishments you make in your life, none is as satisfying as seeing your children grow into happy, secure, responsible, parents. They never have that unconditional love bestowed upon grandparents with a simple hug or smile. There will be times ahead that you will think you have failed them in some way, but then something will happen that will put it all into perspective and you’ll rest back and say to yourself, God I love that kid. I feel sympathy for those that have not experienced the love of a child or grandchild, but more so for the child that has not had the love of a parent. Your children and wife have made you whole. As the two of you go through life’s struggles, pitfalls, disappointments, you will always have those babies that you can look at and suddenly, all the other stuff just is not that significant. You will remember getting a call from school in which some Principal is telling you your son has been in trouble at school for fighting. Then you’ll find out, the reason for the fight was that your son was protecting and defending another child from a bully. At that point, there is no anger just pride. You may inadvertently place pressure on your child in their sporting activities with benign comments like “when you go to the NFL” when it is really pride you are expressing. Your son may come to you to tell you he has changed his mind about this activity and wishes to move on to another challenge. When you find out the reasoning behind his decision, a foul mouthed abusive coach, you once again revel in the pride you have for your son standing up for himself. Then a year later, based upon your son’s hard work, you will have the overwhelming sense of pride when you look in to the center ring and watch as your son is crowned a State Champion in HIS selected choice of activities. You may get a call about your son saying he is going to be suspended for a few days because he took a few sips of beer with other classmates during a senior year trip. Then you will find out the only reason he is suspended, is because he was the only one that told the truth when questioned about it. Again, the indiscretions of youth are overlooked and that pride of the young man seeps to the surface again. You may one day read a note that you think is going to be a mistake he is about to make. Then you watch him become the husband and father that others emulate. You may have the fortunate experience of falling from a ladder one day only to be caught in the strong arms of your son. This will be a moment when you begin to realize the tables are turning. There is an old saying that goes when a father does for his son, they both laugh. When a son does for his father, they both cry. Perhaps your son will follow in your foot steps in a career that is both rewarding and tragic at the same time. Then one day, after saving an unknown person’s life from the grips of the Gulf of Mexico, your son will tell you he has changed his mind. He has placed the security of his family above that of the career, and as you knew he would, become successful in his own chosen path. Perhaps one day, as your youth leaves you and past traumas come to the surface to haunt you, you may falter from all that is right and it may just be your son that brings you back. Your son’s example is somehow that string you will grasp to bring you back to the surface for a breath of air so desperately needed, but so hard to reach. It will then be that you credit your son and his faith for opening a door that has resulted in you becoming a better person, a better husband, father, and a better friend. You may find yourself one day facing a life altering decision, and the last thing you’ll see before going out, is the love of your wife and sons, in prayer, in person, and in faith. It will give you the peace of mind to know that regardless of the outcome, your son’s will be there for that precious wife and siblings should it be time to go home. That will be when you reach the peek of your pride in your child, or so you thought. Perhaps one day you will read a questionnaire that has a question asking, who is your hero? If you are as fortunate as I have been you will see that you are one listed along with wife and God by your sons. I have been very, very fortunate to have experienced these events in my life. I have been blessed, more so than I deserve, with a loving, forgiving wife, wonderful children (4) and a slew of grandkids that call me pop pop. As you have figured out I am one of the co creators of OA. I could not be more proud of the man he has grown into and only hope I have been of some influence in this wonderful human being. Nothing I can imagine brings a parent more joy than seeing their children being happy and content.

Nana8 said...

Well, I coun't be prouder of my men. Keep writing OA you share your fathers, and ok, I'll say it, my talent for the turn of a phrase. Love you dearly Kiddo, always have, always will.Nana