Friday, June 13, 2008

When are we going to wake up

Tonight at work I had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting yet again another one of Arkansas' finest. Near the end of the night we had a group of five African American ladies walk in to enjoy a nice meal and ladies night out. Being the end of the night we had already cut most of the servers and had a limited seating area available. I made the decision to seat the ladies in front of two white guys, and as I was pulling tables together to seat the ladies one of the men opened his uneducated, overweight mouth and say, "Are you really gonna seat them there?" Hoping he just didn't want to be bothered by the noise, even though I really knew what he meant, I sat the ladies in my predetermined tables. Midway through the meal the man got up and waddled over to the front of the store. I say waddled because the man was so incredibly large that he couldn't walk. While in the front he decided to stop one of the servers and say, "This was a nice meal until you guys decided to seat all of those Kunta Kente mother f'ers in front of me." The server then informed me of his comments and my first thought was to grab a fork lift and haul him out the front door. Luckily the man was smart enough, or cowardly enough not to say anything to the ladies themselves. I just don't get how in 2008 we are still so divided. When is America going to wake up and realize that we are all in this together. What makes this man so superior that he can degrade people to this degree? The thing I find the most discomforting about all of this is he felt comfortable enough to walk up to a perfect stranger and just blurt out those things. He's lucky I wasn't the person standing up there, because there is no doubt in my mind that I would have said some things I probably shouldn't have. These women could have commented on his whale like physique, but they chose to do the proper thing and just enjoy there meal. I'm so sick and tired of the redneck trash that this area produces that it makes me want to move away. I won't though. I won't let these uneducated, uncouth, disrespectful morons move me away from my home. The only thing I can do now is pray that God opens their eyes, and lets them see the error of their ways.

I did however try and make sure I gave the ladies the best ladies night out I could, while letting the guys see how much I appreciated the ladies company. I'm kind of spiteful like that. Anyways enough of my ranting for now, I just wanted to get that off of my chest. I'll leave you with one of my favorite movie lines that granola reminded me off today.

Does this suit make me look fat?
No, your face does.

Anyone know what movie this is from. If so I'll give you a million dollars.........or a pat on the back which ever one I have available at the time.

Blog you later,



Stace said...

I am always so shocked when I read/hear things like this...I know racism exists..but living in the far reaches of Vermont I just don't see it...My kids don't understand why people would treat people of a different race differently (thankfully) because they have never seen it.
When my husband was stationed in Mississippi before being deployed overseas I travelled down to visit him..and was appalled by the level of racism. The old guy driving my shuttle from the airport to the rent a car place went off "on those people" while I sat there looking like a deer in headlights...It was like stepping into a different world for me.
I take my childrens reactions to such things as hope...If the next generation can get beyond this and realize that under our skin we all look the same..then maybe there is hope for us afterall.
I enjoy yours and Granola's blogs..I have a son with SPD that is definatly affected by what he eats and Granola's posts have given me a direction and hope. Thanks for posting :-D

FOTOA said...
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FOTOA said...

My son, bet you wish he was yours. This is the deepest I have ever seen him express himself and it is WONDERFUL to read it. Just the other day, while listening to some talk radio show, the broadcasters keep hammering on Obama. They made their statements with the tongue in cheek political correctness they had to, but their contempt was obvious. Everything they harped on could be taken as concern over policy, or emphasizing his ethnicity. I said to my wife, when is this country ever going to get over it.

To answer your question of "who do they think they are?" They are people that feel the only means to elevate their personal self esteem, are to degrade others. Then they can imagine themselves in a better position. It is so much easier for them to hate than to actually do something constructive.

I am actually surprised to see that one of your sentences didn’t read, after hearing this I snatched him up and told him he was not welcomed at my restaurant again. But then again I’m not.

For those reading this comment, in case you didn’t know, this fine young man is of my blood and inspires me to be a better man.

Nana8 said...
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Nana8 said...

Son: You fight the good fight when you take such action. God bless you for what you did. And don't underestimate the impact you had on your co-workers in this stituation. Jesus appreciates your anger at such injustice. Righteous anger is never a waste.

granolachic said...

"fat guy in a little coat"...did you sing that as they walked out the door??'s really not fair that you have six blog comments after only one week into blogging...i may be a bit jealous...maybe a lot proud!! may want to say "I TOLD YOU SO!!!!" maybe...*insert desperately trying to remember anchor man quote*

oh to bed...hope your night was good...

Belinda said...

Only because of my husband do I know this, but..."Tommy Boy?"

Also, please know that there are other people in Cabot who appreciate that there are people like you here, too. I've never heard anything like what you write about happening in almost 30 years living in this area, so it saddens me that it happened.